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Our Mission:

In accordance with out Mission of helping Kids, People and The Planet, 16 Things Kids Can Do’s Global Initiative provides a Forum for people of all ages to define problems that confront the world and then provides possible solutions to these problems. The key to 16TGI is that it work to involve the worldwide community in not only the discussions of the problems we face, but it also encourages people to be more proactive about working to provide solutions to these problems.

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16 Things Global Initiative provides a Forum for people of all ages to define problems that confront the world and then collaboratively discuss and provide possible solutions to these problems – all in the form of proactive programs that get people involved and moving!

16Things Global Initiative #1:

Problem: When someone you care about passes away, you are often only let with your memories and some photos to remind you of their life. Solution: Ask people you care about to develop a LifeList: 20, 50 or 100 things that they love about their life. The LifeList can include things of obvious importance like children, as well as other things you might not realize,  were of consequence to them: for example, their favorite Beatles song is Blackbird. Objective: For the people creating the LifeList, it provides a way for them to reflect on all the positive things they experienced in their lives, and get some enjoyment from the process. The second benefit is that LifeLists provide a tangible legacy of people’s life that can be shared with as many people as they wish. For the recipients, it’s an additional way for the, know a person, and remember the things that they valued during their life. It’s something that can be viewed and shared and serves to keep the connection strong.

Variations on the Theme:

Variation #1: People of any age can create an Annual LifeList and share it. By doing this annually the LifeList provides a living, dynamic chronological index to one’s life. Variation #2: Add other significant events to your LifeList, whether good or bad, to give a more complete picture of your life. ​


Starting in the Fall, you will be able to see the 16GI Programs on our website. In the meantime, if you have an idea for a topic, contact us and share! Come this Fall, you might just find it featured by 16 Things Kids Can Do!

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