16 Things TV

The Shows:

To support 16 Things mission of education, entertainment and empowerment, Program Director Lyle Benjamin, has developed three unique TV shows — two of which can be produced by kids and people around the country!

QPTV Channel 1997
Monday @ 2:30 pm
Tuesday @ 4 pm
Monthly @ week #2

“Celebrity Quest” Talent Contest & Reality TV Show:

Shows the behind the scenes activities necessary to produce a series of entertainment events for a non-profit charitable organization culminating with a Red Carpet Event, Opening Reception, The CQ Contest and finishing with the Wrap Party.

In the CQ Reality TV Show, the Event Staff that works on producing the Celebrity Quest Talent Contest & Fund-Raiser are the Talent for the Show.The series will air through the Internet on Web Sites, Face Book and You Tube.

Please Note: Do your work well, appear in the episodes, help Coordinate and Manage a successful event; and you’ve gone a long way to landing yourself a bigger opportunity down the road.

“Cooking with Kids”

Quick-paced show featuring celebrities, experts and kids exploring health and nutrition issues and solutions.  Stay tuned for more details! Airing Fall 2015.

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