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Donate To Help Kids:

Donate to the “16 Things Fund” and help Kids get the support they need through better Health and Education programs and products. For instance, for every $100 contributed, you are able to support and help run our programs:

• From our educational after school programs in high schools
• To our adult financial literacy programs
• To our work experience programs for college students
• To our work programs for adults
• Every little bit helps.

Donations are tax-deductible according to your IRS tax status.

Scholarship Programs:

Through its “Better Communication & Literacy Workshop” scholarship program, “16 Things” contributes to the on-going education of children in a variety of areas in order to give kids in need the tools necessary to ensure their success as adults.

If your organization has a program that benefits kids and you would like partner with “16 Things” … send us your written proposal and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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Sponsored Programs:​

• Afterschool Mentorship Programs
• Better Communication & Literacy Workshops
• 16 Things TV Magazine
• “Cool Moves” Hip Hop Music Video
• Cooking With Kids TV
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